June 2017 - Present
Freelance Web Developer

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April 2017 - Present
Freelance Web Developer

Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

November 2015 - August 2016
Software Engineer

We are digital artisans, designing and engineering amazing web and mobile products. We love what we do. We have a passion for building projects that enhance people's lives. We have a zeal for great code serving the greater good. Huge problems are solved with great ideas. We're here to bring those ideas to life. Because, the truth is, we're not the heroes: you are. From vision to implementation, each step of our process ensures that what we've crafted is exactly what is needed. What good is the solution, if it doesn't make huge strides towards solving the problem? Let's solve problems, together.

July 2011 – December 2012
Web Developer

Performance & Scaling

  • Heavily utilize of New Relic transaction traces
  • Optimize critical DB queries through indices and denormalization
  • Reduce response variablity so dynos don't timeout and requests aren't backlogged
  • Queue long-running processes to async pool with front-end polling for completion
  • Create scheduled rake tasks to precompute / calculate intensive information
  • Cache semi-static content on heavy traffic pages to reduce server load
  • CDNize images, javascript, and styleshets with cache-busting hashes
  • Use NoSQL in proper contexts for specialized functions
    • Redis for set operations (voting, friends, following)
    • MongoDB for schemaless document store / related attributes
  • SQL transactions, state machines, and record-level auditing to ensure business logic and data integrity

Website Features

  • Participated in webpage redesign projects (homepage, ideation list page, shop, blog, and more)
  • Rearchitected transactional email framework with ActionMailer templates and AWS SES
  • Automated tools generating personalized "Your Week at Quirky" emails sent to 300k+ users once a week
  • Created internal admin tools for viewing ideas, product orders, and presenting weekly Eval


  • Pricing Game utilizing Price Sensitivty Meter to determine proper market price for new products
  • Quirky Live webpage using Pusher and Sinatra for real-time chat and live polling during weekly Quirky Evals
  • Twilio-based call queue for community members to participate in Eval conversation
  • "Problem Pool" collaborative approach to surfacing valuable idea submissions
May 2005 - July 2010
Software Engineer

Software Engineer II / III

  • Deploying changes on 24/7 n-tier platform used by 16M unique visitors per month
  • Heavy utilization of A/B testing to determine business impact of changes
  • Skunkworks projects for data normalization / analysis for "Did you mean?" and "People who liked this also liked this" features
  • Worked with international / remote team building international clones of flagship site

API Lead Developer (

  • Worked with internal and external customers who were using the API
  • Maintain, improve, and extend API based on usage and feature requests
  • Analyzed and monitored API usage statistics to prevent fraud / abuse
  • Provided technical advice for partnership negotiations involving the API /

  • Migrated outsourced platform onto main CareerBuilder platform
  • Worked and communicated directly with business stakeholders
  • Created project timeline and strategy in lean/iterative fashion
  • Transitioned between platforms on time and without interruption
Whitney Commercial Real Estate
Jan 2014 - Present
Marketing / Technology

WhitneyCRE Website

  • Recreated old static website on LocomotiveCMS platform with Bootstrap responsive theme
  • Overnight cron / rake processes to process all local real estate listings from 3rd party IDX
  • Interactive property map search using AngularJS / Algolia

Chrome Browser Extension

  • Extends real estate backoffice tool Reesio to add commercial real estate fields
  • Manipulates DOM to customize fields / graphs and insert into regular Reesio webpage
  • Stores data on own servers for analysis / ownership separate from Reesio

Transaction Manager

  • Use Adobe Indesign to create print materials (brochures, reports, etc.)
  • Responsible for state of current listings as they move through company pipeline
  • Created JSON tool to generate bi-weekly sales meeting slides, email blasts, and monthly "recent activity" PDF booklets 
Georgia Institute of Technology
Aug 2004 - Jul 2008
B.S. Computer Science

Along with base classes in math, logic, architecture, data structures, and algorithms, I focused on three "specialities" which I believe help prepare me as a Web Developer: Software Engineering (Agile/XP methodologies, project management, and testing), Database Technologies (underlying principles and emerging technologies) and AI (both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). During my entire time at Georgia Tech, I worked at as a co-operative student employee.

Salesforce $1M Hackathon
October 2014 and Open Source Ruby Prizes

Awarded two prizes at the Salesforce $1million Hackathon 2014 in San Francisco, a 48 hour hackathon leveraging the Salesforce platform, in which all code was written during the allowed start/end times.

  • 12th place in Heroku + category for CoPilot Commercial Real Estate Management System, a web application that manages properties, task assignments, and comments through Salesforce Custom Objects, Workflow, and Chatter APIs through use and extension of the Restforce gem.
  • Open Source Ruby Prize for restforce-sobject which utilizes ruby metaprogramming to create a decorator pattern around Restforce objects in order to
    • Provide a ActiveRecord-esque interface to query / save through Salesforce API
    • Interact with Salesforce objects in a more ruby-like way and standardize Custom Object interface and attributes
    • Encapsulate Chatter / Task API logic to provide consistent interface for developer
July - Nov 2014
Ruby on Rails Contractor
  • Transition from EngineYard to Heroku + AddOns
  • Use New Relic to monitor and tweak transition performance
  • Optimized Resque document processing to improve site responsiveness
  • Updated and extended test suites to improve coverage
  • Implemented additional client functionality requests
This Website. The one you are looking at right now.

Attaché: a portfolio theme using SemanticUI elements and LocomotiveCMS content types

2-Factor Authentication gem. Protego!

Gringotts: a plug-and-play 2FA Rails engine. It sends a one-time password to a user over SMS which is used to verify that the user is are who they say they are.

  • Test-driven development (TDD) and continuous integration (CI)
  • Compatibility testing across multiple versions of both ruby and rails
  • Integrates with Twilio account to send SMS to user upon login from unknown device
  • Promotes decentralized security and privacy in an era of data breaches and surveilance